The brand liftoff will help you go from nothing to embodied brand in just two weeks. Sometimes it feels like there are just so many steps to get from where you are now to liftoff, this takes all those steps and condenses them into just one. So what do you say?

Everything you need to go from idea to liftoff in two weeks.

I'm ready to lift off

sound familiar?

You keep standing in your own way of launching

You don't want to put your dream brand off anymore

It feels like there's a long way to go before you're launch-ready

You're ready to stop hiding + let yourself be seen

yep, that's me

It's time for liftoff. It's time for liftoff. It's time for liftoff. It's time for liftoff. It's time for liftoff. It's time for liftoff. It's time for liftoff. It's time for liftoff. It's time for liftoff. It's time for liftoff.

Imagine This:

i need that

You're looking at your finished brand in 2 week's time and you take the deepest breath you've taken in a while. You did it, you finally took your idea from your afternoon day dreams and made it a reality and it's right there, staring back at you.

It feels aligned, embodied and like it really represents the true essence of your brand. You even see yourself in it, no... you feel yourself in it. It's you, in a brand, and now all that's left to do is lift off!

here's what's included to get you from idea to liftoff:

1:1 Brand Strategy Call

Custom Branding

5-Page Custom Showit Website

Brand + Strategy Guidelines

I need this

Social Media Template Package

meet your brands new magic launch pad

The Brand Liftoff. The Brand Liftoff. The Brand Liftoff. The Brand Liftoff. The Brand Liftoff. The Brand Liftoff. The Brand Liftoff. The Brand Liftoff. The Brand Liftoff. The Brand Liftoff. The Brand Liftoff. The Brand Liftoff.

You got that right! You in?

You're telling me I'm only 2 weeks away from launch?

ok i'm so in

You're clear on what your brand is and you just need someone to help you get it to liftoff

This is not for you if...

This is for you if...

You are sick of hiding and are ready to stand out in a sea of sameness, asap

You're a service provider who isn't afraid to let your brand personality shine

You understand that your individuality is your superpower and you are ready to show it to the people who need you

You know you want to create a brand but are not sure what it's going to be yet

You don't feel confident that your brand is something that the world needs

You only want a bare bones package just to get your brand off the ground

You don't resonate with bold, lively design that represents your true brand personality

You're ready to invest your time, money, and heart into this

Your brand has been on your heart for too long and you know it's time to honor it

You don't vibe with overly simplified, minimalistic design and only using beige

If you want to get this brand right the first time and are done DIYing

You're scared to stand-out and feel more comfortable just staying where you are

You aren't ready to invest your time, money, and heart into this 

You aren't ready to stop hiding from the world "yet"

You think you could pull this off yourself and don't cringe at the thought of DIY

1:1 Brand Strategy Chat

Step One

We'll hop on a Zoom call where we’ll take a dive deep into you, your brand and your business.

This is our time to really dig into the nitty gritty details of your brand, get on the same page about strategy and design.

Branding Time!

Step two

My personal favorite part!
(shh don't tell the others)

We'll take everything we uncovered during our brand strategy call and translate it visually through stand-out design. You get to sit back and watch your brand come to life.

Custom Showit Webite

Step three

Now that we've established your brand personality and design direction, we’ll dive into designing your Showit website.

You'll be along for the ride during this step as we beautifully and strategically craft your stand-out corner of the internet. 

Psst... I'll include a website training of how to use your new site so you feel confident and ready for liftoff.

3...2...1... Liftoff!

Step four

We did it, the day is here! What was once a dream is now a reality and your embodied brand and website are ready for the world.

Take a deep breath, and pat yourself on the back because your brand is ready for liftoff!

what our week will look like

i'm in!

Hi, I'm Kara

[like a car]

I've been where you are, apprehensive to launch because my brand isn't "perfect" yet and well, the imposter syndrome is REAL. But here you are, on my site, seeing me because I chose to allow myself be seen – just like I'm encouraging you to do! The moment I stopped hiding and found my unique brand personality was when my brand completely changed. Suddenly, I was attracting in clients who really needed what I had to offer, and all I had to do was be myself and show myself authentically.

That's why I'm here to help your brand dare to be different in a sea of sameness through bright, colorful, kick-ass design.

I believe that your superpower is your individuality and my superpower is locating it and helping you hone in on it. I take your unique edge and represent it visually through design so that the people looking for you can actually find you. I'm of the belief that if you're hiding your individuality, then you're hiding the very thing people could be looking for. So let's show it to 'em, baby!

let's do this thing

"My dream in any collaboration is to feel as though I can channel my creative vision and have it lifted to its highest expression through the one I am collaborating with. Kara consistently taps into her own genius to bring through what I feel but cannot create myself. She is a wizard of design and has the biggest heart, which makes the process with her that much more fulfilling and fun."

Lindsey Simcik

Almost 30 Podcast

 "I would highly recommend Kara for anyone looking to launch a brand. Kara is extremely talented and was an absolute dream to work with. She was able to translate my needs, add her design expertise and enhance the overall brand aesthetic to bring my vision to life. Kara is incredibly dependable and worked efficiently to deliver the brand assets within a short time frame. Grateful for the connection and look forward to working with her in the future."

Sammi Marriott

Rose ave florals

"Working with Kara at Amuse design was wonderful. She’s an absolute gem of a person. Kara listens and understands the design needs of the project. She then communicates her needs effectively in regards to timeline and deliverables. She’s flexible when it comes to preferences on the clients behalf, and is willing to do what it takes to get the desired outcomes…without a single hint of negativity or frustration.

There are many designers out there, but not many that are so easy and enjoyable to work with."

Leslie Loewe

The Motherload

"Kara totally nailed the re-launch for Splyt. She took the time to understand our users and translated that into a brand they love. The feedback has blown us away! She went above and beyond from ideation to launch. If you want someone who gets it and makes branding fun, I'd 100% recommend her. Can't wait to continue working with her in the future." 

Luis Barrera

splyt pay

"Working with Kara has been such a pleasure. She's hard working, kind, positive, strategic, open, and thorough. She has taken our business to another level through her creations and designs - and always did it with a smile. I'm thankful for her energy and talent. I've recommended her to almost all my friends!"

Krista Williams

Almost 30 Podcast

But don't take my word for it

let's go from idea to liftoff

Launch Graphics

pay in full   bonus

i'm in!


3 payments of

1:1 Brand Strategy Call
Custom Branding
5-Page Showit Website
Social Media Templates
Brand Guidelines
Website Training Video

i'm in!

pay in full


1:1 Brand Strategy Call
Custom Branding
5-Page Showit Website
Social Media Templates
Brand Guidelines
Website Training Video

1 In-feed and 1 story graphic in your new branding to announce your liftoff to your audience.

Fill out this form and I'll get back to you asap!

Let's do the damn thing!