Hi! I'm Kara (like a car). I've always been drawn to bright colors, font pairings, and anything I could put my personal touch on.

I got a kick-ass job at a creative marketing agency a few years back, but with little creative freedom, I had a gut feeling that there was MORE waiting for me in the design world. I followed my intuition and Amuse was born a month later in my living room. Best decision of my life thus far. Besides getting Tater Tot, of course. 


myers briggs


I'm a believer that everything happens for a reason, & I truly think that's why you landed on my page.

Meet my son, Tater Tot



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I’m obsessed with sunsets, loud music, vibrant colors, pretty fonts, sketching until my hands cramp up, photographing pretty things, traveling the world, making up new recipes in my kitchen and yes, I share. I'm very curious, love learning new things, a great listener, secret keeper,  and love having deep conversations.

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"My dream in any collaboration is to feel as though I can channel my creative vision and have it lifted to its highest expression through the one I am collaborating with. Kara consistently taps into her own genius to bring through what I feel but cannot create myself. She is a wizard of design and has the biggest heart, which makes the process with her that much more fulfilling and fun. At Almost 30, we are constantly complimented on our design in every corner of what we do...we have Kara to thank!!"

Lindsey Simcik

Almost 30 Podcast

Client Love!!

“Working with Kara is a dream! She’s been doing all of my marketing designs for my business and I work with her specifically during big launches for my business. She nails it every single time. The color, the feel, the vibe, the design - all of it! I know I can hand it off to her and it will A) Get done in a timely fashion and B) Look exactly how I want. I’m so grateful to have her design eye and expertise to give me one less thing to worry about when it’s launch day!”

Danielle Pascente

Fitness Expert

Client Love!!

Client Love!!

"I recently booked a Dedicated Day with Kara to design my new podcast cover art and assets. I was a little worried that we wouldn't have enough time to get through all the deliverables I wanted out of the day, but we ended up actually finishing with time to spare. Not only did Kara deliver a podcast cover art that I love, I also now have a whole bunch of design templates that I can use to promote each episode. The process was super fun, because we got to work together in real time, with Kara actioning my ideas and feedback immediately and then sending them through as we went. I would highly recommend her!"

Steph Taylor

Imperfect Action Podcast

Client Love!!

Client Love!!

"Working with Kara has been such a pleasure. She's been with us for years - and has always been hard working, kind, positive, strategic, open, and thorough. She has taken our business to another level through her creations and designs - and always did it with a smile. I'm thankful for her energy and talent. I've recommended her to almost all my friends!"

Krista Williams

Almost 30 Podcast

Client Love!!

Client Love!!

"Kara delivered the work expertly and quickly. Her core templates were easily replicated allowing our team to deliver its hybrid program on schedule. In addition, the icons she created were absolutely perfect."

Janine Davis

Evolution Executive Coaching

Client Love!!

Client Love!!

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