Hattie's Toyland


Playful, Energetic, Hopeful



Hattie's Toyland is a toy store that was dreamt up to honor the loss of the owners daughter, Hattie. Our intention for this branding was to create something that captured the magic of a childs spirit and pass that magic on to all who interacted with the brand. We landed on a color palette that felt playful, but that would appeal to boys and girls alike. 

The Goal: Branding that is full of spirit and encourages folks to find the magic in the little moments. 

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"After interviewing many designers, it was obvious from our first call, I knew Kara would be my first choice to help me come up with my brand. Picking someone to represent you, and dream up a brand you have only had in your heart and mind is no small task! I can HAPPILY say, she made it happen. And went above my expectations. I get so much feedback regarding my brand, and I know it is because of Kara’s care , process, and creativity. She’s fun to work with, and incredibly gifted in helping pull out YOUR brand. Grateful for the clarity she gave me, and the confidence I needed for my brand to be what it is today. Working with her is one of the best gifts you could give to yourself and your business."

Kelsee Philpot

of hattie's toyland

Client love

Client love

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