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Splyt is a payment splitting app designed for the "hero" of your group who is always the one to front their credit card when the check comes. Through creating an established brand strategy and honing in on our target, we knew it was important to lean into the approachability and liveliness of this brand. The style was chosen to disrupt the financial industry that generally leads with stark and serious design, typefaces and colors.

The Goal: Branding that wouldn't be a buzz kill after a couple espresso martinis. 

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"Kara totally nailed the rebrand for Splyt. She took the time to understand our users and translated that into a brand they love. The feedback has blown us away! She went above and beyond from ideation to launch. If you want someone who gets it and makes branding fun, I'd 100% recommend her. Can't wait to continue working with her in the future." 

Luis Barerra

of CEO of Splyt Pay

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