Morning Microdose

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Morning Microdose is a podcast created to act as a quick trip into higher consciousness. With short, snippet episodes it was important for us to catch audiences quickly with bright, groovy colors and stand-out typography. Morning Microdose was created by the hosts of a top 50 podcast, Almost 30, so it was important for us to differentiate this branding to ensure it can stand alone next to it's sister podcast.

The Goal: Branding and a website that gets you prepped and ready to enter a magical vortex.

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"My dream in any collaboration is to feel as though I can channel my creative vision and have it lifted to its highest expression through the one I am collaborating with. Kara consistently taps into her own genius to bring through what I feel but cannot create myself. She is a wizard of design and has the biggest heart, which makes the process with her that much more fulfilling and fun. At Almost 30, we are constantly complimented on our design in every corner of what we do...we have Kara to thank!!"

Lindsey Simcik

of morning Microdose + Almost 30 podcast

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